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Full Version: Artificial Intelligence for Education
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There have been theories for quite some time that AI will revolutionize the digital space. But I didn't think the future would arrive so quickly. Recent news articles about artificial intelligence and innovative educational methods caught my eye. Is it possible for robots to create essays or dissertations in a matter of minutes?
Although the quality of each paragraph is not great, I am amazed that the program can analyze short stories by Jack London or plays by Shakespeare. Additionally, modern technology has made college learning simpler and easier by facilitating data exchange. In the next ten year, we will all be able to comprehend new information faster.
There are many websites that provide one-click data generation or knowledge retrieval technology. As you can see, AI is a huge part of education. The virtual learning environment was another aspect I enjoyed. Although I was a bit confused about how it all worked, students can now exchange data, launch streams, communicate online with professors, and take tests. This sounds revolutionary to me (the modern AI in education). AI may allow my children to learn in virtual reality, or gain the same knowledge as Neo.