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Full Version: Pour a Redbull on the Ground...MindRape (Donald Moore) is Finally at Rest
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« on: May 25, 2016, 07:29:14 PM »

I regret to inform you that one of the Scenes dear friends and Most ardent supporters has passed away this week.

On Monday, our good friend and fellow conspirator, MindRape (Donald Moore) of the infamous Damaged Cybernetics,  finally hit the power button...and let the discs spin down.

He is survived by a wife and son, whose names are none of your f#@king business [Image: wink.gif]

MindRape had a story for everything...and I mean everything.

John McAfee..."Yeah I know him...that freakshow still owes me 20 bucks..."

Early console emulation efforts: "We hacked anything we could get a hold of. We designed new console copying rigs and coached people on how they could take control over the music and games they already payed for" .

The Warez scene... "We were not a hacking group, or a warez group...we didn't host anything copyrighted...what we had were the MEANS to liberate yourself...our stock-in-trade were the 'weapons' of the intellectually liberated...the tools to make information freely available to everyone.

NESticle... "Yeah, I formed the group that spread that one. I even hacked the source code out of the creators box and released it for free...He was a dick."

Hack the Planet... "Yep...back in '99"

And all of the stories are that much better once you find out that they are all (mostly ;P ) true.

In this world you hear some whoppers, and you get  used to just 'going with the flow' once people get to talking...It is quite the shock when someone gets done telling you that they used to be best friends with the keynote speaker, and tells you some rather embarrassing and highly unlikely story, just to turn and go go "Oh, there he is now...Let me introduce you..." just to have you hear the story he just told, but this time from John McAfees perspective of the same night....Good times.

If you played NES or SNES games in the 90s on your 386...*HE* is the reason. If you walked around in one of those ugly-ass 'illegal t-shirts' printed with the deCSS code...*HE* was a big part of that.

If you spent three hours trying to get your friends to send you a PGP email in 2000...You have MindRape to (at least partially) thank for the right to do that.

Mindrape believed more than anything, that *Information WANTS to be Free* and he spent the vast majority of his adult life making that endlessly repeated mantra more than just a clarion call for the disenfranchised...more than just a justification for a disrespect for boundaries and personal property...He treated it as a lifestyle.

It takes a great deal of effort to suppress the education of the public...and old Donnie saw the Internet (and BBs's before that) as the great equalizer...a force multiplier on par with that most egalitarian of inventions...The Colt Peacemaker.

The world is a little less interesting and a little less exciting (and probably a little bit safer [Image: wink.gif] )
without him around.

From all the boys at #emu...and this little cookie...You will be missed brother. 1337
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Original reply from TAPE:
Just reading up on him, its sad to see the 0ld sk00l guys slowly disappear..

Hope he went peacefully and wishing his family well.

Original reply from r3k0hu:
Nice post - RIP MindRape

He gave us a lot, whether we knew it or not. Salute to the old skool free thinkers